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sorry i havent uploaded anything yet, im busy lately helping around the house.  Im also busy with a large art, so dont worry about me.  Anyway how is everyone?
i wanted to know what was your dumbest death in a video game. Me it was in dead island when i kicked a beach ball and died, this is like the dumbest death i ever had, idk if its a glitch or the programmer of this game did it on purpose that you had a chance to die by kicking a beach ball
karma demon by ShizameWrath
karma demon
i made this when i was bored. I decided to give it a name, even though it was a random doodle. 

so this is a karma demon, it seek out people causing trouble and curse them with bad luck. 
did any of your got the note back, because i havent received any of them today and i normally receive them everyday 
Alicia Frostbite by ShizameWrath
Alicia Frostbite
my backstory? *sigh* i dont like to talk much so i want to make it fast alright? First of all i changed my family name because i hate my fucking family. They ignored me as a child so i joined clan Sorkon at a young age,  I stole a magic tome from a wizard tower on my way there.  I learn ice magic fast, i mean i looked at it and the knowledge jumped into my mind, it was weird.  When i went to the city of Sorkon, they laughed at me saying i was just a kid and i couldnt join the army, then i killed a guard with ice magic to show i was not a joke. 

They accepted me fast and they sent me with a lot of other soldiers to invade the city of Ronlek.   It was a heavy battle, Even the legendary Bloody Mary (Mary'djar) was there. She bashed our soldiers bones without any effort.  I thought it was a goner for sure, but when i managed to strike her with a ice spike, it left a scar, i could tell  by her reaction that it was the first time someone actually left a scar on her.  Her against me, quite a legendary battle, but since i was just a kid i got defeated easily. She didnt kill me though, her excuse was because she doesnt kill children, didnt prevent her from throwing me in jail. 

spend a whole week there when suddenly a large demon attacked the city, it broke my cell room allowing me to run away. But instead of running away, i fought to monster as well to protect the city.. i dont know what i was thinking. But when it finaly died, Mary smiled at me, messed with my hair and told me that she gave me an opportunity, I leave this land and She will fake my death so that no one goes after me. Yeah a rule about Sorkon soldier is, has long as they dont find your corpse, they will seek you out and make sure you die, They dont like those who quit the army.  

While walking away, there was a few kids who lost their parents, I told them to follow me if they wanted a better life, in truth i just didnt want to be alone. So i went on a boat and went to the jungle of Kirmizera, A not so bad land, compared to Durianossa or the Nightmare land.  When we reached the land though, there was strange undead creature with odd armors who immediatly attacked us, I used my ice magic and strangely enough, they are all weak agaisnt ice.  I cant explain why, but to make sure the other kids with me survived i thought them ice magic as well. Wit

a few month later we made a large outpost in a cave we covered in ice, to have a place safe from the harsh heat.  We kept fighting those weird half undead things, we learned that their leader was planning to invade the land of Vilvanek, and since they are already at war, this could turn ugly for the Vilvarian citizen.  So we are kinda a resistance.. heroes, whatever you want to call them.  

And now, adults, we still are fighting them, we are a few members against them but we are a family, no one is left behind. I also thank Mary to have helped me, I understand that, not because my parents ignored me, meant that i had to seek destruction of everything.. and also what it meant to care for your allies, Sorkon soldiers are careless about their allies. Also people who heard about me out of Kirmizera are calling me the queen of ice.. i find this silly. 
sorry i havent uploaded anything yet, im busy lately helping around the house.  Im also busy with a large art, so dont worry about me.  Anyway how is everyone?


Patrick Boulanger
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I always love the world of fantasy. since i was a child i always dream of making my own world. I love furries even if it has it shares of drama and creeps as well. well any group of people has creepy people. Anyway i would want to see our world be more acceptable with furries, im sick of seeing just humans hero, its insulting to see that the anthro are always someone who helps them but are always useless when comes to save the world.

my goal on deviantart is to create my characters, my story and share art with other watchers, i wish to be friend and help eachother out.

I love what is dark, cute or warrior like creature and furries. I like human as well but like i said its so overused. Im not the type of guy who enjoy seeing oversize boob or ass women, im not fan of people making super epic art but doesnt care about people. Me i always aim the social people and those i see potential in them, even if the arts are not amazing, theres always more trainning to do and anyone can be good in drawing once they found their path. Of course im not fan of fan arts because well it restrain your creativity and most fan boy and fan girl kinda creeps me out. Speaking of creepy, why is when you search something on this site, there will always be unrealted subject like women half naked when you are searching for armored warriors for exemple.

In real life im a guy who get down easily by thinking of my bitter past. but its my way to get the emotion out and create arts. im sorry for people on deviantart that i added to my watch but barely talk to... you see im kinda lazy most of the times ^^; its not that i dont like you, its that i should motivate myself more to be more social.

anyway i draw what i like, if you dont like it, then why the fuck are you watching it, im not looking for drama so if you have a problem with me being a furry, or draw art that i find sexy but you find gross. its super easy! just click away from my page.

anyway heres some stamp of stuff i like to make my page more.. well more visual. :icondragonxpplz:

Zim and Bacon Stamp by Zim-Shady Gir made it himself stamp by Zim-Shady Zim stamp by justdacat Invader Zim - Dance by winter-ame Professor Membrane Toast Stamp by MasterGallade :thumb180973525:
Doom Stamp by WindWo1f Gir Stamp by morfachas

Borderlands 2 The Vault Hunters Stamp by badtrane Borderlands 2 Stamp - CL4P-TP by mentalmars Borderlands Characters by MChilz Borderlands 2 Stamp - Gaige by mentalmars Borderlands 2 Stamp - Krieg by mentalmars Borderlands 2 Deathtrap Stamp by SpectreSinistre Borderlands 2 Do the Robot by SpectreSinistre I AM THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN Stamp by SpectreSinistre

Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro Request - Spyro 1 Stamp by RadSpyro .:Specter Love:. Stamp by Kris-the-Nintengirl Its a stamp :D by ZoeShiranui Medievil by Miss-Dicess Gex Stamp by Creepiest

SUPERJAIL STAMP by ARISTOCREEP Evil Laughter Stamp by Cadillac-Blood Superjail rabbit hat by terra-wah

Killzone 3 brutality stamp by STRYKERZX Killzone Invasion Stamp by Clone-Trooper

TURRICAN Stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTION Tetris Stamp by cirruswolf :thumb387266455: Super Mario Series Stamps : Super Mario Bros 3 by Kevfin Super Mario World stamp by 5-3-10-4 Super Mario Land stamp by 5-3-10-4 Stamp Super Mario all stars by ilaaaria Rockman classic stamp by Cthulhu432 Castlevania Stamp by Tetsunasa

Captain Charles PatenaudeStamp by Gie Flavien Bouchard stamp by Gie Petrolia stamp by Gie Serge stamp by Gie Bob stamp by Gie Valence Leclerc stamp by Gie

InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine InuYasha SIT Stamp by Megophone Sesshomaru Stamp by crezebart

Time to Throwdown by ninjaisonfire Megas XLR stamp by Horace-Bulregard

Gore by QuidxProxQuo Fun Insane Stamp by JetProwerTheFox .:I Love Psychos:. Stamp by YinYangLammy We have Bacon by Stampbox Pizza Stamp by Linkmax Nomnom Pizza Stamp by FlameSalvo Mmmm... Poutine... by ImFeelingStampity Dark Art Stamp by leftinsideyourheart Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam Giant Crazy Cactuar Stamp by witch13888

INTERNET by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me No internet by DesuSigMaker PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight Markiplier stamp 3.0 by MeganeSnow Nostalgia Critic Transition Stamp by Airenu-ish Nostalgia Critic Stamp by justdacat Angry Joe Stamp1 by Demoncherry :thumb319190034: Boopin'-Ass Stamp 3 by FliteWulf

Stamp: [Request] I blame the 90's by Jammerlee The Furry Stamp by Busiris Stamp. by Shendificator What is a Furry? by Lucheek Insane Fandom Stamp by Maran-Zelde

MS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost - STAMP by 07th-Nakanaide Mystery Skulls ghost  stamp by Trickyzora MS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler

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Hello dear how are you? :hug:
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surpised you talk to me, you stopped with the note and i just felt like you didnt want to talk with me anymore.  I had some artist like that before so i got used to it.  Lately i have not been well, i've been lating on the ground and staring at the ceiling. I just feel a cold emptiness in me 
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