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relaxing night
''Ziko''   *sigh*    the moon,  even though it will always remind me of all the awful years i spent on this pitiful excuse of a world named  Yeekash.   The world of the seven moon, such a beauty to witness  yet impossible to embrace due to our species being full of ourselves.  A violent world where love does not exist  and the only way to live is on the path of assassins.  It is a good life until you reach cycle 5,  the moment you have 5 tails you are forced to do all the labors,  and at cycle 6 they kill you....    

I really need to clear my head out of those thoughts, nothing more soul crushing than to being shackled by your past.  When i came to this world, i caught the attention of this strange lady named Azara.   Spout a bunch of crap about her world and how to get rid of the curse rotting this planet....  After a while of talking my ears off  she pretty much understood i gave no fucks about what she is saying,  so she decided to cut it short for me ''  kill people for me and you will be free to do whatever you want'' .

How can i say no to such offer?  Being able to do what i want, not being chased by the law or by some powerful creature claiming to be a god?  I immediatly accepted,  at first she was proud to welcome to her new '' family''   but she is kinda mad at me because  i never take her seriously.   Good for her, i surely dont want to be friend with her either,  and she is far from being lover potential for me. 

*sigh*....   One day i will finally find someone to make me feel special, to make my body burn with the passion of love.  I want to find what love feels like, I may be a night person who refuse to leave outside during the day... But some people wouldnt mind having a night lady as their love partner? right?....right?  I hope so, im starting to get tired of jumping from world to world and always  end up wasting my time and feel more and more like a failure.  

I really should find some friends too,  talking to myself all the time gets rather depressing,  well at least i have some nice tea to keep me company. Another relaxing night for the lovely butcher who talks to herself while drinking tea and probably waking up nearby people.   hmmm... Maybe if i made some noises i could wake up people and  while they are yelling at me it would finally give me some social interaction?  I'll have to put some more thoughts about how to do it, it does sounds like a good idea though hehehe.  
the troublesome moth
It was indeed a great feat  Azara did to easily take control of the biggest city of this land  along with her elites.  While most of her elites share her belief or at least  agrees with her way, there is one who always attempt to change Azara's mind.   His or should we say ''its''  name is Ozma,  this moth came from the moon  shining the dark night sky of this very own planet.

Why calling this moth a it?  Well even though it sounds like a male,  moth people does not have genitals  like most species has, they reproduce in a odd way where  2 mate eachother without any passion or pleasure,  one will carry the child and the other one shall take the role of father even if their voice are more of one of a female.  

Without being sidetracked too much, this moth  has known Azara for a very long time.   Back when Azara was known as a hero of the city of Pure coast, and the the tyrant of the city of Dal Komor.   Azara once wanted only to help the world become a better place, but when she suddenly vanished without leaving a trace,  the moment she called upon her most trusted allies,  it was obvious she was not the same person as she was before. 

The curse has not laid its corrupted finger upon her but she did not seek to bring the world in harmony like before,  she seeks the death of all knightkins,  Shadow people and  those who are cursed.  In her belief, ever since they came to this world, things  went from being slightly violent,  to a state of unending wars.  Even though Azara explains her belief with limited information, it is obvious she knows more than she is willing to show.  

When Azara sat on the throne of the big city,  Ozma became unbearable  so she banished him to the land of Durianossa until he has learned some manners.   Ozma not willing to lose all respect Azara had towards him, decided to rule over this cursed wasteland, luring any enemies of Azara to this wasteland and making sure they have no way to return to their homeland.   Vilvanek  is the land of unending war,  and where Azara and the rest of the elites reside,  Durianossa on the other hand is a land which most of its citizen are what they strive to get rid of.

Ozma became one of the most feared warlords of the land and is living in a large mansion renovated to his liking by its people.   Instead of doing a genocide against everyone there, he attempts to keep them all in line.  In his mind, if he can keep them all here like animals in cage then Azara wouldnt have to kill them all.  It is fairly obvious that Ozma is against violence, he uses his ability to mind control his enemies, he wields daggers if in danger and won't hesitate to kill but thats only in last resort.

From time to time  Azara would travel to this land and visit him seeing how he is doing, they have a little chat and often give Azara the progress he has made over here.  The more Azara came and visit Ozma, the more he understood that Azara pretended to banish him, knowing he would be of great aid to her cause that way.  Enraged he awaited Azara next visit to confront her about it.   After their routine where they light a warm fire while sitting on comfy couch,  he awaited that Azara took a few sip of her strong alcohol before begining his dialogue.  

*Ozma*   Azara.... forgive me for asking but...  Did you knew all of this would happen when you cast me outside like you did? 

*Azara*  So you finally understood, indeed dear Ozma,  i knew you would do anything to please me and what better way than  getting a large amount of my enemies off the map by luring them to this doomed land.   

*Ozma*  so you admit it!! How could you Azara!? I thought i was like a son to you!! What kind of ''mother'' would use her child as a tool in her pointless war!  You think you will achieve greatness by comitting genocides..... You are not better than them by doing that.....

*Azara*   It must have taken you a few second to throw this generic  dialogue at me.  You think you know more than i do when you barely even know the history of this land,  you barely could live for yourself without my aid.   Who raised you when everyone seeked you death?  Who gave you this mask when all these voices in your head were tormenting you?   And who actually trying to get rid of this curse that plagues the land!?   You have the nerves to lecture me while you are not even taking the time to realize what kind of state this world is right now!

*Ozma*   This won't change my mind, you know damn well what you are doing is horrible!  Look  at how you treat the elites and the soldiers who bend their knees to you, you act like a loving and caring person.  When it comes to showing mercy to harmless  victims of war, you slay them without hesitation!! Why!?  They might be cursed but they are not harming anyone!!

*Azara*  yet again throwing nonesense without knowing the subject you are talking about.  The curse once sinking into your skin will slowly take control of your body until you are a mindless  creature who attacks anyone on sight.  You cant heal the curse and can only postpone its effect with a collar.  Will you really hand collars around everyone neck just to save them?   Do you give a hug to someone carrying a disease than can spread around quickly or do you quarantine them and make sure the disease burns and cant reach any other victims?  

*Ozma*  If you are after the curse then why kill knightkins and shadow people?  I have met many of them and they are not so different from you and I!

*Azara*  They came along with the curse, if you made research you would have seen that  they kill anyone in their way  just like bandits.  Then they reproduce like cockroaches to spread all around the land.   Did you know this land used to be filled with dragons and other species which almost all of them are either completly extinct  or  their number is slowly decreasing.    Meanwhile  the curse and those damn invaders  are taking over the world.  

*Ozma*  Not all of them are like this!!!

*Azara* i used to think too... until you have met a lot of them,  a ratio of  1/20 are kind, the rest are just selfish animals who kills anything that are not right in their eyes..... Just like my species used to act,  ever since they came to this world, my kind became xenophobic,  turned me into a intrument of war to kill anything that were  offensive to their eyes.  They were just like them.. I wont allow this to continue.   

*Ozma*  You are letting your past destroying your future!  I understand the pain of your past, my past too was like you, chosen to become a ''god''  who would do anything to get rid of anyone standing on the way of the higher ranked  people of your own species.  

*Azara*  Then you shouldn't be against my actions, you should aid me in my quest to return the land back the way it was.  

*Ozma*  I wont....  Killing all of them wont change anything, war will still happens, curse or no curse. By the way, you talk all crap about how Knightkins and shadow people are like a plague yet  who started it all?  People of your kind!

*Azara*  .........Ozma........ If it wasnt for the fact that i cared a lot about you..... I would have killed you this instant!  Once again you know NOTHING!!!  Those who summoned Nocstruma and brought all of this chaos along were  those who fought dragons!  They were losing the war so they summoned  the essence of darkness herself to aid them defeating the Dragons!   My kind are dragons too!  I know i do not show my face or body to anyone and i might just be treated as a knightkin for it...  We were not the one who brought her to this world.  It was those who couldnt accept defeat  who did it.  

*Ozma*   Please do not hate me for this.... I just wished there was a less violent way to resolve this  war...

*Azara*  I see that you are still not ready to take your place as one of my elites yet again...  When will you ever learn Ozma?  If you are not convinced yet of my way being the right one,  then keep this fact in mind.   it was Knightkins who were responsible for the demon invasion we are facing right now,  I would love to see you justify this one next time i visit you....  I do hope this time you will have actual facts  with your arguments  if you really want to prove me wrong.. 

What began as a friendly and calm ambiance   turned into a quiet and cold one.  Ozma has quite a lot to digest at the moment, by he shall not give up on his quest to change Azara heart, no matter how long it will take.   
She may not be the most important or memorable of characters in the disgaea series but i really love her design.  I love the sea angel monster and kinda wish she was in disgaea 5 as well, the main characters of that game were really bland  and the story wasnt better either.   

Plus when i google Rainier, the wikia barely has anything to say about her and theres barely any art of her, im more than happy to make my own art to make people discover her design.  I hope people will like it. 
Madame madness
Such a beautiful day in this lovely realm of madness.  It took so many century to create a realm  where i would be the queen and goddess of my own little paradise.  All that lives and exist here were created with these lovely tendrils of mine, but  i was not always this lovely lady you see upon you, i was once a human on earth.  

It is true, i was a witch in the old days where magic was still a thing  but the churches would do everything in their powers to destroy it as it is an insult to their belief.  hehehehe  silly humans they are,  thinking there is such a thing as  ''right and wrong''  in this universe, there might have been a powerful being that created the humans, but i highly doubt he is the creator of all that is living.  

As a witch it was my duty to keep my identity a secret to not attract the attention of those who would seek my death immediatly.  My time spend tricking the villagers and manipulating them to either do my biding or  create fight against them  became.... Addicting after a while.   I always felt such ecstasy doing mind games with mortals, once you taste such power you are hooked for life.  

Playing with their mind, stealing their youth to keep myself from become a grotesque hag and also seeking more powers to enhance my magic. Once i've gotten enough power, i became sick of this  human body limiting my ability and this aging process that was a  shackle  reminding me that i could die at any moment.  So i became something more than a human, i slowly morphed like a catapillar becoming a pretty butterfly. 

Sure the morphing phase was extremly painful not only for the agony it brought but also getting used to this new form.  It felt really strange to be able to walk without moving my legs, i was levitating with these tentacle.  Not to mention a third tentacle grew as a tail so i had to get used to this new limb as well, my arms were a mess it took me a whole to be able to craft gloves to emulate human hands.  Those little tendrils became way easier to control once they looking exactly like human fingers,  but i think the weirdest evolution had to be my head. 

My beautiful  hair fell off, so did my eyes , nose, ears and teeth.  Not that it mattered since i can still smell, even better than before, i can see perfectly and ear better too and my teeth grew back but my sharp and pointy than before.   My tongue on the other hand did not fall but became longer and the end of it is slightly more pointy than it was, it did not lose the sense of taste but i feel like it also created new flavor for things that can not be eaten by normal human.  

What kind of meal am i talking about? Sanity of course,  my habits had to change as i wasnt doing this to play with humans mind anymore, they became my meal.  Instead of acting and looking like a normal person in the human society, i simply crawl into their bedroom at night and consume their mind without harming the body, sadly the poor human turns insane and often kill their loves one or simply become less than a mindless vegetable.  

At first i really enjoyed this new form of life until one day humans created cameras, one person i wanted to feed upon has a bunch of cameras filming his surroundings in case of burglars,  the footage caught me entering and leaving the house.  It was pretty obvious i was the reason why he ran out in the street naked suddenly, started screaming and died of an heart attack not too long afterward. 

The military and other armed people were hunting me down, it was a game of cat and mouse. I could have easily destroy all those who opposed me but i am not that kind of monster, i do not seek to harm them physically.   So when they managed to catch me in  a trap, they shot at me with they guns, but when they saw i could simply regenerate those type of wounds they cut me limbs to limbs.   Fortunately they had no fire with them so it was more easy to pretend i was dead.  Those who killed me were just a bunch of weirdos with guns who wanted to kill me for fame.  

When they wanted to call the military to get a reward, one of them simply shot them all with his gun while they had their guards down and brought all my pieces into his truck. He brought me to his home and stitched me back togheter, i guess some humans had weird fetishes on corpses or something but he simply proceeded to have his way with me like one of those blow up dolls.  Of course when i moaned in pleasure he panicked and attempted to grab his gun, i simply  pin him down and had continued our little bonding.  

That day i have learned 2 things,  i couldnt live in this planet anymore since i would be hunted forever. And that this long interaction with this human which after  many round of pleasure fell asleep from exhaustion, was something  i really enjoyed doing.  So after i managed to create a portal to an empty realm which took me many centuries to built but in the human world only probably took about  month of their time.  

I finally became queen of my own little paradise to rule and live freely without any fear of being hunted down.  After so many era spent on earth i became really addicted to humans so even though i still feed on their mind, i also  sometime have lustful interaction with them  and protect them from any deadly  threats.   For exemple a masked creature came to earth and decided to play with their minds as well, but unlike me he was trying to create a new world war so i had to step in and confront him. 

Of course he was full of himself claiming he was a god or something, said his name was Serath,  even attempted to mind control me.  Pathetic fool didnt knew who i was because  he panicked when he realized his power meant nothing to me.  After a rough beating i let him go with a warning to never come here ever again, i will never allow myself to murder any living being, i cant stand the guilt it brings.   Sadly not all living beings on my realm agrees so i had to get used to see them decorate the realm with entrails and limbs. 

I dont mind it though, it brings a nice coozy mood  for some strange reason, oh well what can you do?  These things remind me of that time i met this lovely lady on earth named Ziko, came her in seek of what love was,  and to kill people and sell their meat as a hobby.   I had to step in and ask her to stop this none sense since she was a tresspasser and it was quite rude to kill people since she was their guest.  

At first she spout some none sense about how worthless living being were and attempted to kill me with her cleaver, but after i promised to teach her all about love she suddenly stopped and became a child  excited to open  his christmas present.   It has been a while since the day she left my realm in seek of love and the human world is being quiet for a while now, i guess it wouldnt hurt to take a vacation from watching earth and for a while seek a new world to explore and feed upon.   I do wonder where to go next?
Tamed Sorrow
Once an innocent woman who only seeked a way to earn money to help her and her family to survive,  became this being filled with souls of those who seeked revenge for their death.  Thus the creature named Sorrow was borned….

Yet... Takita was still in there, trying to control this beast, not because she didnt want to cause all this suffering, but because she wanted to control her own body and stop hearing the thousands and more souls of the damned screaming in agony inside her.  She once heard of a witch able to craft collars to help cursed people to prevent the curse from taking over their body. 

She lives on a small island of eternal nights, the journey towards the island is treacherous, rocks shaped like spikes that can destroy a boat in no time,  heavy tides that makes navigation almost impossible, and the witch can use the moon as her eye, so if she consider you a problem she will easily get rid of you.   In other word it is impossible to reach her unless she allows you to seek her.  

Why would she allow such vile beast as the Sorrow to step on her home island that is unknown, but the witch knows what she is doing yet will never tell her reason why she does so.  Luna Nightshadow is the only person able to prevent the curse from spreading as fast as it used to be, she spend her whole life reasearching the curse, even claiming to be alive before the great war began, and witnessed from her very own eyes the Daugter of darkness  Nocstruma set foot on this world.  

She knows everything that happened but always kept that a secret, does that mean she has discovered the secret to immortality as well? Her species lives for 150 years max,  and the great war happened 900 years ago. 

When Sorrow finally reached her location, she simply stared at her as she seemed to be struggling from just to keep herself from killing the witch.  As soon as Sorrow stepped in her ritual circle, the moon shot a powerful beam at her. While screaming in pain  Luna quickly shoved the oddly crafted collar against her neck.  The bright blue light emerged from the circle and towards the moon, suddenly the limbs of Sorrow changed back to those of Takita's old body.  

Does it mean she was fully back at being  her old self...not quite.  As soon as the light weakened, Takita raised herself back on her feet and simply laughed. 

''Takita''  Foolish witch, you dont know who you just helped '' Takita said with a sinister tone''

''Luna''  I know of your arrival, many days before you even reached me.  This collar on your neck, it is made a different way as the other one i did as you can see.  Since your body is not only cursed, but possessed by many souls it needed a much more powerful seal on it.  

''Takita''  If you knew i was coming, then you knew who i was. You do realize you have just doomed this world now don't you?  All those souls prevented me from havign a clear mind!

''Luna''  It also made you weaker, without them your strenght has been severed in half, not only that but all of the curse is silent to you.  Why are you still pretending to be evil?

''Takita'' Wh...What!? I lost half my power!?  You bitch you knew i was gonna ''  she was interrupted immediatly by Luna who during this whole conversation  spoke with the same tone, as if she was struggling to fall asleep'' 

''Luna''  The collar is made to snap open if you are in grave danger, when it does you shall regain the body of the Sorrow and be able to regenerate your body.  As soon as you are over the collar will snap back onto your neck.   It is you who are clueless about the powers of a Sorrow, i have dealt with other incarnation of Sorrows before you.  

''Takita''   Why are you helping me then? Im not gonna stop making everyone suffer for how they treated me before, I want to see the world scream in agony! I want to be the end of the world nothing more nothing less!

''Luna''  My lips are sealed for this answer you seek of me... Know that i have helped you for a reason, your path is none of my concern but know this, if you truly seek the end of the world, you should stop the path you are seeking then.  

'Takita'' What the hell does that mean!?  ANSWER ME!!!!!

''luna''  Our time is up, be grateful i did not killed you myself, go back to the land you came from and never return here, as i said i know how to easily kill a Sorrow.   

And with that Luna sent Takita back to the land she came from,  sadly the innocent woman Takita used to be is gone forever.  The words Luna said to her will haunt her from this day on..... She thought she was special, in reality there were other Sorrows before her and they all failed.... Will she suffer the same fate? Time will tell....
Im not the only one saying this but can we please stop comparing games to dark souls because you can die a lot in it.  Dark souls isnt that hard once you understand the mechanics of it and  i died less time in that game than i did in borderlands and other games. 

Dark souls compared to old Nes games is a walk to the park, if the game had a game over after a few lives than for fuck sake yes it would be the hardest game to beat but thats not the case.  

I finished dark souls countless times and not once did i rage quit or said it was too hard,  i think demon souls is harder than those game because of the plane of storm level where  everything hates you,  shooting spear flying ray,  skeleton with big ass swords,  ghost that shoots lasers.    

Games so hard that i never beaten are all on old consoles where death meant restarting the whole game not just a chekpoint,  I never finished the nes  Tmnt game because it was too hard,  never finished pocky and rocky because  again too hard for me.    When i see people comparing games to dark souls in term in difficulty i just laugh because they are either  people who sucks at games or idiots who pretends like they are gamers.  

Play some old school games then play dark souls again, you'll appreciate way more the fair challenge of the souls series than these  old school games
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Patrick Boulanger
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Came to this website to meet awesome people and help eachother grow, if you want to bitch and start drama against me i will just block you. I draw mostly anthro creature, sometime humans but rarely, often sexy stuff or designs, rarely gore. Anyway im bad with description, so if you talk with me and i enjoy our conversation, we'll get along juuuuuust fiiiiine

Zim and Bacon Stamp by Zim-Shady Gir made it himself stamp by Zim-Shady Zim stamp by justdacat Invader Zim - Dance by winter-ame Professor Membrane Toast Stamp by MasterGallade :thumb180973525:
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:thumb194022454: Killzone Invasion Stamp by Clone-Trooper

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Captain Charles PatenaudeStamp by Gie Flavien Bouchard stamp by Gie Petrolia stamp by Gie Serge stamp by Gie Bob stamp by Gie Valence Leclerc stamp by Gie

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INTERNET by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me No internet by DesuSigMaker PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnight Markiplier stamp 3.0 by MeganeSnow Nostalgia Critic Transition Stamp by Airenu-ish Nostalgia Critic Stamp by justdacat Angry Joe Stamp1 by Demoncherry :thumb319190034: Boopin'-Ass Stamp 3 by FliteWulf

Stamp: [Request] I blame the 90's by Jammerlee The Furry Stamp by Busiris Stamp. by Shendificator :thumb69584556: Insane Fandom Stamp by Maran-Zelde

MS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost - STAMP by 07th-Nakanaide MS Ghost Lewis Stamp by TwilightProwler


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Missstorywriter10289 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Student General Artist
ShizameWrath Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Missstorywriter10289 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Student General Artist
ShizameWrath Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
we got a happy pelo…  who also was the anti christ as a kid 
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PurpleShineDraws Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
im currently drawing Alexia and im still super happy with her. i hope i can make her suit once in the far future.
i love her design dang
ShizameWrath Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
glad you liked her, she's all yours anyway so you do what you want with her 
sambo1996 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! for the watch! :D
Missstorywriter10289 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Student General Artist
ShizameWrath Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Le sudden pron appears
Missstorywriter10289 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Student General Artist
*Cue obnoxious laughter*… !!!!

*secretly is still trying to break your window lock, but how do I bobby pin???*
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